Retro Doily Revival

Lovely Lola is a classic pedestal table that's gone through a retro revival. The delicate lace Doily painted overlay creates an eye catching statement piece to any kitchen or dining room. Harking back to the day's when mum would run to the linen press and throw over a table cloth before the guests arrived, Lola is ever ready! Lola is function and beauty combined, painted in simple white it is sure to suit any room or any occasion.
Meet Lola.
A lace doily over lay creates delicate pattern and doubles as the easiest clean table cloth ever!
Ready for any occasion...
Lola love, I loved this look so much I did it to my pedestal kitchen table too!

Prue and Trude

Prue and Trude are a stunning pair of vintage Thonet chairs. Duck egg blue and teal trim add a new age vibrancy to an old classic. Toile need not be reserved for 18th century manor homes, use it with high contrast contemporary colours to bring it into vogue. Use Prue & Trude as a compliment to a miss matched dining setting or as feature chairs in a bedroom or even as bed side tables in a guest room.

High tea for two!



Beautiful Billie

Billie’ is a beautifully upcycled 1950’s chest of drawers, and the first of my items for my ebay store Vintage Villa Interiors. My etsy store is a new direction for me, focusing on decorating and recycling vintage pieces. Upcycled furniture takes good quality, unique items and gives them a new lease of life. 'Billie' journey starts with gorgeous gender neutral Belle & Boo paper, featuring sweet detailed images of both little boys and little girls. The bold black frame is a contemporary contrast that brings ‘Billie’ into focus.
1950's Chest of drawers in need of some TLC.
Nothing some fresh paint and gorgeous paper can't fix.
Lovely Bell & Boo wallpaper.

Dove tailed drawers speak of old world quality.
All dressed up!