Totes Cool!

Come down to shop 57 in the WAC at 22 Wellington Road Woolloongabba
and grab one of these uber cool totes!

A vision in gold.

Essingtonbee prints and vintage 1950s gold plated tea set.

Sweet little Vintage Gardens side table

The cutest little sidetable with vintage 1950-60s floral wallpaper and cherry painted base. Perfect for your cottage or little girls room.


Open for business!

Visit the WAC, shop 57, 22 Wellington Road Woolloongabba, there's new stock and good coffee and treats to be had, might even see you there!


Quaint Country meets Vintage Chic

This oh so wholesome pair of besides were lost in a haze of the federation and cream colour schemes of the 90's. They had beautiful curves in all the right places and needed nothing but a freshen up and a splash of vintage colour. Yes, this is the same paper I used on an earlier work 'Adel and Evie'. The white against the mustard works so well to add instant pop and change a very farm house pair into very now vintage chic duo.


Country Chic

Beautiful glass orb knobs add glamour

Monochromatic Retro Drawers with John Rombola

This sorry excuse for a child's set of drawers was screaming out for a makeover and I knew just the paper to do it! Recently rediscovered by a new generation of art and design lovers, John Rombola's illustration's are described as rambunctious and spirited. His eccentric eclectic style create fun and interest. Depicted here are 'Apple' 'Pinapple and other 'Miss fruit' queens in their finery. Absolutely adorable and for the young or young at heart.

Refeshed and in store!
Adorable 'Miss Fruits' John Rombola vintage wallpaper


Oh so sweet nest of tables!

This sweet trio were dull and drab in their origional dark stain. I saw instant potential in their delicate turned legs and with a lick of paint in fresh summer sorbet colours they are ready to use in your bedroom, living or pool house.

After! Sweet as pie!


My humble little shop!

Hello my friends, so here it is, after an exhausting weekend of sheeting, painting, carrying and tweaking I give you my modest slice of the retail pie. Although not everything came together perfectly, ie my missing sign! It has none the less come together really well. However, there is still many more bits,bobs and of course furniture to come! So come down to shop 57 at the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre on Wellington Road Woolloongabba and have a look around!

My humble little shop!
A few new pieces
NEW! # Drawer mini dresser drawers and adorable little Lagoon blue & white geometric foot stool
Bamboozled Retro bedsides
Hot air ballooned chest of drawers with bits!


VV joins the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre!

Hello people, I am so sorry for my extended absence but I have been feverishly working away on stock piling pieces for my new store!  I am just about to open a little shop at the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre, shop 57 is mine!! Finally, you can peruse my wares first hand. Stay tuned for photos of the move tomorrow and more transformations! And by all means come and visit the store!