Tropic Chic’

These retro bedsides in their original smoke and ash coloured veneer needed very little to bring them into focus. I loved their colour and they so beautifully complimented the vintage bamboo wallpaper they looked as though they were made for one another. The vibrant green bamboo freshens the pallet and adds interest. The painted gold legs and clear glass pulls add a glamorous twist moving this retro pair from retro drab to retro fab tropical chic! I LOVE these and have had to wrestle them from my sisters clutches! Such a statement piece and perfect for our gorgeous sunshine state!



Stunning original Ash and Smoke Veneer 

Gold legs and glass pulls and sophistication and glamour.


Camille's Old English Roses

I saw stunning Camille amongst a collection of Op shop clutter, she immediately caught my eye with her lovely lines and art deco mouldings - she had the hallmarks of 1950's French glamour. A coat of 'evening' black instantly transformed Camille from a wallflower piece to the main event. Of course I have added a vintage wallpaper insert using the most luxurious English floral on coal black and distressed her just a little to show her charm. The beautiful wallpaper was very difficult to find and Camille had a long wait while I sourced just the right accent finish. The rarer floral on black is more seductive than the traditional floral ranges commonly on white or pastel and adds a contemporary allure to an old classic. An elegant glass dome pull set on brass adds a touch of vintage parlour chic. Camille is a glamours old piece who like all true women is ageing with grace and style.


Vintage glamour.

Gorgeous vintage 'English Rose' wallpaper.

Original working lock and key with a dome glass on brass pull.

Shabby Chic!