Camille's Old English Roses

I saw stunning Camille amongst a collection of Op shop clutter, she immediately caught my eye with her lovely lines and art deco mouldings - she had the hallmarks of 1950's French glamour. A coat of 'evening' black instantly transformed Camille from a wallflower piece to the main event. Of course I have added a vintage wallpaper insert using the most luxurious English floral on coal black and distressed her just a little to show her charm. The beautiful wallpaper was very difficult to find and Camille had a long wait while I sourced just the right accent finish. The rarer floral on black is more seductive than the traditional floral ranges commonly on white or pastel and adds a contemporary allure to an old classic. An elegant glass dome pull set on brass adds a touch of vintage parlour chic. Camille is a glamours old piece who like all true women is ageing with grace and style.


Vintage glamour.

Gorgeous vintage 'English Rose' wallpaper.

Original working lock and key with a dome glass on brass pull.

Shabby Chic!

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